Daily News Briefs, December 30, 2021

Caltrans And Local Agencies Study A US 101 Express Lanes Extension
Transurban's Pierce Coffee Discusses Metro DC Express Lanes, Present And Future
Tyne Tunnels' ORT Conversion Coincides With A Radical Drop In Vehicle Emissions
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Daily News Briefs, December 29, 2021

NY Thruway Proposes Nearly $2 Billion In Capital Improvements Over The Next Five Years
Law Enforcement Officers Urge Texas DMV To Get Tough On With Paper License Plates
Bond Refunding Cuts TCA Debt Service Payments By $139 Million
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Daily News Briefs, December 28, 2021

6,000 Acres Bisected By Florida's Turnpike Is Now Open To Development
Kansas Express Lanes Project's Environmental Assessment Is Open For Review
Coalition Forms To Support And Protect Maryland Express Lanes Project
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Daily News Briefs, December 27, 2021

Inspector General Finds MTA Needs A System For Diagnosing Tolling Complaints
FDOT Could Open Parkway Extension As Soon As Next Month
PA Republican Leaders Show Little Enthusiasm For PennDOT Funding Initiatives
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