Daily News Briefs, January 23, 2017

Updates on PA and NJ Turnpikes' Delaware River Bridge Closure
Report: "Decades-Old" Mistake May Have Caused Delaware River Bridge Beam to Fail
MD Governor Hogan's Toll Cuts Not as Big a Hit to Bottom Line as Expected
Despite Campaign Pledges, WSDOT's I-405 Express Lane Tolls are Here to Stay
NY's New, Tougher Toll Enforcement Rules Are Already Delivering Results
VDOT's "Much-Maligned" ERC Contract Goes under a Microscope as State Eyes New Hampton Roads Projects
CT Lawmaker Sees Colleagues Accepting Tolling as Inevitable
FDOT's New Howard Frankland Bridge Plan Calls for Express Toll Lanes
A New Focus on the Brent Spence Bridge
CTRMA Expects to Open Final Phase of MoPac Project in Coming Months
MTA Board Eyes Fare, Toll Hike Plan
Feds Pick NC Pike's I-540 Triangle Expressway and SANDAG's I-15 Express Lanes as Driverless Testing Sites
Indiana GOP Leaders Are Split over Tolling Existing Roadways
Massachusetts Lawmaker Wants to Discuss Why the Turnpike Is the State's Only Toll Road
Transurban Is Looking Forward to Another Big Year and US Expansion
PANYNJ Police Arrest Alleged Scofflaw with a $56,000 Tab

Daily News Briefs, January 20, 2017

VDOT's Layne Says Trump Team is Focused on Toll Projects
Virginia's Hard Lessons from P3 Experience Could Pay Dividends in Trump Administration
FDOT Shoots Down Elevated Toll Lanes for TBX
Colorado DOT Receives Final Environmental OK for "Massive" I-70 Widening Project
GDOT Is Betting on Express Lanes as It Prepares to Open the $226 Million I-75 South Metro
Abertis CEO Is Cool on P3s in the States, Cites PA Turnpike, Chicago and ITR Experiences
Local Businesses Devise Strategies to Deal with the Impact of Ohio River Bridges Tolls
FL Lawmaker Files Bill to Expand the Reach of CFX, but Nobody (Including CFX) Knows Why
RiverLink to Issue First Round of Invoices Today
Tolling Gains Traction in Hawaii: Governor Says He Is Open to a Study.
Work Begins on WSDOT's I-405 Northbound Peak-Use Shoulder Lane Project
Local Officials Take on INDOT and Figg for Lack of Progress on Toll Bridge Project
Is Illinois Budget Stalemate Threatening Stevenson Expressway (I-55) Toll Lanes Project?
Tolling a Possibility for New Arkansas Regional Airport Access Road
THEA Changes Collection Companies. Confused Customers Get Bills for Four-Year-Old Toll Charges.
DelDOT Awards a US 301 Tollway Construction Project

Daily News Briefs, January 19, 2017

NY Conservative Party Wants New Tappan Zee Named after Three Victims of 1981 Brinks Robbery-Murder
Aggie Expressway Divides Two MCTRA Members as Funding Questions Loom
Hawaii House Speaker Proposes Tolling Study
A "Changing of the Guard" for TCA Board Seat
Can Trump Fix the Brent Spence Bridge?
Governors Have Long Lists of Shovel-Ready Projects for Trump Team
NY's Tougher Scofflaw Measure Takes Effect
Massive Growth Fuels Need for New CFX Beachline Expressway Interchange
StreetsblogNYC: "Cuomo Backpedals on Removing I-81 from Downtown Syracuse"
Bridgegate Prosecutors Urge Judge to Reject Request for a New Trial
TN Governor Haslam Proposes Gas Tax Increase
WI Funding Debate Continues as House Speaker Concedes a Gas Tax Increase Is Unlikely
Poll Shows Canadians Back Tolling
Nova Scotia to Hold Public Meetings on Proposal to Toll Provincial Highways

Daily News Briefs, January 18, 2017

VDOT's "Long-Controversial" US 460 Project Is Dead
Hampton Roads Projects Ace VDOT Scoring Test for Funding
Trump Is Polling at Historic Low, but a Plan to Use Tolls to Pay for Infrastructure Polls Even Lower
I-66 HOT Lane Gantries Going Up
Bestpass Is Processing RiverLink Accounts
Joliet City Council Considers Hiring Project Manager for Houbolt Road Interchange
NJ Lawmaker Urges PANYNJ to Delay Vote on $32 Billion Capital Plan
New E-ZPass-Only Garden State Parkway Interchange Rankles Some Local Officials
CT Lawmakers Follow Ritual and Will Debate Tolling State Highways Once Again
VA Transportation Board to Vote on Extending I-95 Express Lanes
Public Radio Station's Question of the Day: Is TBX a Solution to Urban Traffic or a "Waste of Taxpayer Money?"
IN Governor Holcomb Recommends Tax Hike for Roads, Bridges
PA, MI and OH Form "Smart Belt Coalition" to Foster Self-Driving Technology
Lyft Pushes Congestion Pricing Plan to Relieve Urban Gridlock
NC County's Municipalities Have a Hard Time Replacing Transportation Planning Organization in Wake of I-77 Toll Lanes Battle

Daily News Briefs, January 17, 2017

FHWA and FDOT Will Evaluate New Express Lane Alternatives for Tampa Interstates Project
RiverLink Traffic Increased Slightly during Second Week of Operations
PA Turnpike Part of Moody's National Settlement of Bond-Rating Allegations
Credit Suisse Says Transurban Will Need to Raise $1 Billion in New Equity
Arkansas Highways Boss Pushes VMT/RUC Pilot, Higher Hybrid Fees
Brooklyn Residents Want Same Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Toll Break that Staten Islanders Enjoy
As Verrazano-Narrows Moves to Cashless Tolling, Some Motorists Look for Answers
Former NJ Treasurer Hits PANYNJ Police, Calls for Agency to Disband the Department
PANYNJ Capital Plan Draws Editorial Fire
PANYNJ's Push for Tougher Toll Enforcement Gains More Coverage
NY Thruway to Add Chip Readers to Gas Pumps
TxDOT's $4 Billion Mobility35 Program Advances
Virginia Hybrid Car Owners Push for Extension of Law that Provides Exemption for I-66 HOV Lanes
For Tesla Owners, Speed Limits Are Merely a Suggestion
India Pursuing New Cashless Toll Technologies
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