Daily News Briefs, August 17, 2017

Pennsylvania Looks at Oregon's Experience in Advance of VMT Pilot
For News on TxDOT, THEA, Potential Toll Projects in LA and CA, the Abertis acquisition, NCDOT & More . . .

Toll System Integration Project Documentation – What’s the Right Balance?

Tolling agencies have adopted a fairly liberal approach to documentation requirements when sourcing new systems – the more documents, the better.

Daily News Briefs, August 16, 2017

Bloomberg BNA: "Congress May Add Tolls on Interstate"
Survey Finds WSDOT's I-405 Express Toll Lanes Are Gaining Public Support
For News about OCX, OTA, the Ohio Turnpike, Transurban, the Golden Gate Bridge, OCTA, Congress and Tolling, WSDOT and More . . .

Daily News Briefs, August 15, 2017

VDOT Testing E-ZPass Readers on I-66 Gantries
Looking for News about FDOT, WV Turnpike Finances, Congestion Pricing Debates in NYC and WI, VDOT AET, and More?

Daily News Briefs, August 14, 2017

TX Lawmaker Cites "Toll Fatigue" as Some Agencies Move to Scrap Tolls for the First Time in 40 Years
Looking for News about Texas "Toll Fatigue," NYC Congestion Pricing, PA Turnpike Toll Amnesty, NCDOT's I-77 Express Project and More?

Daily News Briefs, August 11, 2017

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