Daily News Briefs, February 20, 2019

Fort Worth Mayor Says TxDOT Will Soon Approve I-35W Expansion
Virginia Lawmakers Make Eleventh-Hour Attempt to Fund I-81 Project
Battle over I-81 Tolling Plan Is Waged Mainly on Social Media
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Daily News Briefs, February 19, 2019

Transactions Decline, Revenue Surges Following Dulles Toll Rate Hike
WSDOT Flyover Opening Today Is a Stepping Stone in Express Lanes Expansion
Florida Senate Leader Hopes to Revive a Tollway Plan with Nine Lives
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Daily News Briefs, February 18, 2019

VDOT Taps Dragados-Led Consortium for $3.3 Billion Bridge-Tunnel Project
Connecticut Governor Announces He's Open to Tolling Cars and Trucks
Connecticut Toll Policy Switch Sparks Immediate Criticism
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Daily News Briefs, February 15, 2019

Maryland Narrows Alternatives for Proposed $9 Billion Congestion Relief Plan
Lawmakers Debate DOT Chief over Giving MD Counties a Toll Projects Veto
Speculation about a Potential Sale or Lease of the Illinois Tollway
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