Daily News Briefs, July 22, 2019

Maryland Governor Sketches Plan for New Toll Reductions
Foes of Alabama DOT Toll Proposal Call for Its Review by a State Authority
NY Thruway Authority Toll Advisory Panel Holds Public Hearings
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Daily News Briefs, July 19, 2019

I-77 Express P3 Objects to Opening Shoulders to Non-Tolled Traffic
Illinois Tollway Awards New Construction and Engineering Contracts
Public Hearing Marks Progress of TxDOT's LBJ East Project
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Daily News Briefs, July 18, 2019

NCDOT Plans to Open Non-Tolled, Peak-Period Lanes in I-77 Express Corridor
Colorado DOT Taps Kraemer and Two Consultants for US 36 Rebuild
Louisiana Seeks Engineering and Consulting Services for Bridge Project
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Daily News Briefs, July 17, 2019

PA Turnpike Commissioners Authorize Six Percent Rate Increase for 2020
ALDOT Will Present Revised Toll Rate Proposal for I-10 Mobile River Project
Colorado DOT Converts Toll Lane to Create Temporary US 36 Fix
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Daily News Briefs, July 16, 2019

Roadway Crack Turns into Sinkhole and Major Repair Work for Colorado DOT
Colorado May Be Stuck Paying US 36 Repair Bill and Plenary Compensation
Florida Court Allows MDX to Continue Paying Bills and Salaries
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