Daily News Briefs, April 20, 2018

Dallas Transportation Council Tables LBJ East Plan, Seeks State Toll Policy Clarification
TransCore, Seeking to Advance Interoperability, Releases SeGo Specs
GA DOT Expects New Reversible Express Lanes to Open in September
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Daily News Briefs, April 19, 2018

TxDOT Reportedly Waives Massive Amount of TxTag Late Fee Payments
KXAN News: Politics Halted the Project to Improve Austin's I-35 Corridor
LA Metro Board Member: Eliminate Fines, Just Bill Unauthorized Express Lanes Users
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Daily News Briefs, April 18, 2018

WSDOT Plans 2019 Launch of $2 Billion Puget Sound Gateway Program
US Agency Approves NCDOT's Plan for Protecting Mussels Affected by $2 Billion Toll Project
Maryland DOT Postpones Review of Proposed Toll Project Management Contract
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Daily News Briefs, April 17, 2018

NCDOT Will Defer I-77 Contract Recommendations until Construction Is Finished
WA Post Questions Maryland DOT's Process of Awarding $68.5 Million Contract
Legal Battle over MDX Toll System Contract Heads to Appellate Court
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Daily News Briefs, April 16, 2018

Maryland's Transition to AET Could Begin in Summer 2019
RIDOT Delays Launch of New Truck Toll System until May to Allow More Testing
NET RMA Will Open New Toll 49 Segment in 2019
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