Daily News Briefs, August 14, 2020

Michigan And Private Partners Discuss Building A CV-AV Highway Corridor
State Entities And Industry Groups Press Harder For Federal Aid To Transportation
MassDOT Tracks The Resurgence of Statewide Traffic
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Daily News Briefs, August 13, 2020

Metro DC Express Lanes Suffer Tough Losses Due To COVID-19
Report: Billion-Dollar HCTRA Bridge Project "Is In Limbo"
Past Failure Makes Today's I-5 Bridge Replacement Planners Wary
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Daily News Briefs, August 12, 2020

MDTA Reacts To COVID-19 By Cutting Costs And Expediting Its AET Conversion
Pandemic Has Bay Area State-Owned Bridges Holding $16 Million In Unpaid Toll Bills
Bay Bridge Crash And Resulting Traffic Jam Shows Familiar Commute Patterns Returning
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Daily News Briefs, August 10, 2020

SANDAG Chief Envisions A City With Better Transit And More Toll Lanes
PA Turnpike Issues RFI On Customer Service Back Office System And Operations
Oregon DOT Encourages Public Comment On Its I-205 Tolling Proposal
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