Daily News Briefs, March 24, 2017

Connecticut House Speaker: State's Tolling of Highways Is "Inevitable"
Florida Bill Would Block Construction of New Express Toll Lanes
Virginia Governor Proposes to Restrict ERC's Use of Vehicle Registration Holds
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Daily News Briefs, March 23, 2017

Maine Governor LePage Suggests an MTA-MDOT Merger Could Result in the Elimination of Most Tolls
Cibolo, TX, Signs Development Agreement with Private Toll Road Proposer
Louisiana Replacement Bridge May Come with Electronic Tolling
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Daily News Briefs, March 22, 2017

Six Companies in the Running for Rhode Island AET Contract
PA Turnpike Stops Work on $1.6 Billion Mon-Fayette Expressway Project
Lawmaker Gives MDTA Time to Make Some Needed E-Tolling Improvements
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Daily News Briefs, March 21, 2017

WV Lawmaker Claims Toll Bills Are Going Nowhere
Mon-Fayette Expressway Project Put in Limbo by Planning Agency's Inaction
PA Turnpike's Improved Winter Storm Response Passes a Test
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Daily News Briefs, March 20, 2017

Connecticut Toll Bill Approved by Transportation Committee on Party-Line Vote
VDOT Secretary's Letter Admonishes ERC over Unpaid Toll Fees
A New Toll Road May Be Coming to Hood County, Texas
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