RFP for Back Office Toll System Replacement — NTTA

North Texas Tollway Authority
RFP 04482-NTT-00-CS-IT

The North Texas Tollway Authority has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a Back Office Toll System Replacement – RFP 04482-NTT-00-CS-IT. The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) seeks to award a Master Services Agreement (Contract) for the provision of a Back Office System (the BOS) to replace NTTA’s Legacy System. NTTA invites experienced and qualified firms to submit proposals for the provision of the BOS. A firm that seeks to be awarded the Contract under this RFP will be referred to as a Proposer.

This RFP includes the Statement of Work (SOW) and other requirements for the BOS.

NTTA intends to award a Contract to the Proposer who, based on its Proposal and Proof of Concept demonstration, provides the best value to NTTA. The form of the Contract NTTA intends to utilize for this procurement is included with this RFP; however, NTTA reserves the right to modify the attached form of the Contract. The Proposer with whom NTTA contracts for the BOS will be referred to as the Vendor System Integrator (VSI).

The purpose of this BOS procurement is to select a firm to provide NTTA a robust and scalable solution capable of handling a minimum of five (5) million transactions per day and meeting NTTA’s customer needs. It is NTTA’s intention to host all environments for the BOS, including the BOS Production Environment and Disaster Recovery site. NTTA will also provide and maintain the existing on-road, in-lane toll collection system, including all hardware, software, operations and maintenance associated with the in-lane system and facility servers. In addition, NTTA’s financial system and enterprise-wide reporting capabilities will be utilized. As the hardware for these systems ages in the Asset Life Cycle, NTTA anticipates reviewing and, if beneficial to NTTA, implementing alternate hosting options for those systems with the VSI.

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) will receive qualification packages for Back Office System Replacement at 5900 W Plano Pkwy., Ste 100, Plano, Texas 75093, until August 7, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

A mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held on July 10, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. Immediately following the mandatory pre-proposal conference, all attendees have the opportunity to participate in a site visit.

NTTA is an equal opportunity employer, as a matter of policy, encourages the participation of small businesses that are owned and controlled by minorities and women.

To download the RFP you will need to register in NTTA’s online database — https://www.ebidexchange.com/ntta. It is highly recommended that you register online since all RFP communications will be available via this site. All questions should be directed to Brandy Adamson at badamson@ntta.org. The subject line should include the project number and project title.