MTA Request for Technology — Congestion Pricing Alternative Technology

Subject: Request For Technology -19-65 Congestion Pricing Alternative Technology

The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (hereinafter referred to as “the Authority”) is seeking technical information from the marketplace on Congestion Pricing Alternative Technology. Congestion tolling has been recommended to reduce congestion in New York City’s Central Business District and financially support mass transit in the region. With only a handful of congestion pricing programs around the world, and with this being the first application of cordon-based congestion pricing in the United States, the Authority is seeking concepts and solutions that could be effective in implementing this solution within the next two years. The proposed Congestion Tolling Program (CTP) program is outlined in Attachment 1, Congestion Pricing Alternative Technology.

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, a vendor’s standard literature, catalog information, sample specifications, and qualifications. In addition, the submission should include a draft test plan, including how the vendor proposes to install the technology, how the technology will be operated, and what data will be collected. The RFT submission shall be provided by e-mail, USB Flash Drive, or other file transfer service. The Authority may request that vendors provide a technical presentation and a product demonstration to further describe their technology. The deadline for submission of the technical information and qualifications of the firm is April 12, 2019 at 3:30 PM.

All responses are to be submitted to the address set forth below:

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority
Attn: Victoria Warren
2 Broadway, Mail Center
New York, NY 10004
RFT 19-65, Congestion Pricing Alternative Technology

The Authority reserves all rights at law and equity including the rights to reject and/or accept any and/or all comments submitted in response to this Request for Technology (RFT). No respondent shall have any rights against the Authority arising from the contents of this RFT, the receipt of information or the incorporation or rejection of comments in the final procurement. The Authority shall not be held liable for any pre- contract activity and/or costs incurred by respondents to this RFT.

No respondent will be allowed competitive advantage by reason of its submission or failure to submit information in response to this RFT. At such time as Authority issues RFPs or IFBs for services for the Congestion Tolling Program, each RFP and IFB will be evaluated on its own merits and no weight will be given or withheld due to submissions or failure to submit information for this RFT.

Respondents should clearly state which, if any, of the information they provided is deemed proprietary in nature. The Authority reserves the right to use any information not so marked as they deem necessary. The Authority may wish to use any RFT responses as information for development of future procurement documents.

If you have any questions, please contact Dara Hill-Anderson at (646) 252-7050 or