Daily News Briefs, October 10, 2019

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Caltrans Is Forced to Use Generators to Keep Two Bay Area Tunnels Open

Bay City News (via San Francisco Examiner) reports, yesterday, Caltrans brought in generators to keep two major tunnels open during the forced power outages northern California is undergoing this week. According to the article, “Both tunnels were at risk of closure due to the power shutoff” because their ventilation systems cannot operate without electricity. One of the facilities, Highway 24’s Caldecott Tunnel, is used by a minimum of 181,000 commuters each day, according to Caltrans.

California Caltrans (CA Department of Transportation) Environmental Protection Policies Procedures And Initiatives Highway and Bridge Maintenance San Francisco Bay Area (CA)


German Cabinet Proposes New Climate Law That Includes a Truck Toll Increase

Reuters reports, “The German cabinet on Wednesday approved climate protection measures designed to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions, keeping on track plans by Chancellor Angela Merkel to pass the landmark package this year.” The article notes that the measures proposed for inclusion in a “Climate Protection Law” include a 2023 increase in truck tolls, carbon dioxide emission fees, higher car and air traffic taxes, and subsidies for electric cars.

Environmental Protection Policies Procedures And Initiatives Germany


India May Give EV Drivers a Toll Exemption or Discount

The Economic Times reports, India’s highways ministry, which is currently drafting a new national toll policy with assistance from Boston Consulting Group, is considering discounting or eliminating tolls for electric vehicles “as it looks to incentivise adoption of clean mobility solutions.” According to the article, “This proposal assumes significance amid government’s push to incentivise the adoption of electric vehicles, as it also recently cut goods and service tax on EVs.”

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles India Toll Rate Changes


These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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