Daily News Briefs, March 15, 2023

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Traffic Congestion Jeopardizes Economic Growth In US Sunbelt

Fortune (subscription required for full access) reports, “Cities like Miami and Las Vegas have been known as hotspots for travel and leisure — think spring breaks and birthday bashes. In recent years, some of these ‘Sunbelt cities’ have rapidly grown in population, which may have benefited business far more than it has benefited commuters.”

Florida INRIX Miami-Dade County Nevada


TRB Will Provide Updates On Use Of Recycled Plastic Waste In Asphalt

A webinar to be conducted tomorrow afternoon by the Transportation Research Board’s Standing Technical Committee on Production and Use of Asphalt “will include up-to-date engineering information pertaining to recycled plastic waste in asphalt pavements. Presenters will highlight the current state-of-knowledge, summarize ongoing research on the topic, focus on the timeline of related research products, and provide overseas lab and field experience for an international perspective.

Highway and Bridge Maintenance Transportation and Infrastructure Research & Development Transportation Research Board


These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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