Daily News Briefs, July 15, 2022

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Revised Mobile Bridge And Bayway Plan Is Running Into Little Opposition

WALA reports, Alabama DOT’s revised plan for I-10 bridge and highway construction is not eliciting the negative public response that led to cancellation of a 2019 tolling and construction proposal. The Mobile MPO “has received 53 public comments so far, with slightly more people against than for, and a handful simply asking questions about the details.” The region’s other MPO reports it has received just five comments. An MPO official attributes the change in climate to the moderation of proposed toll rates, the motoring public’s frustration with congestion and the nonappearance of the social media furor that doomed the original proposal.

Alabama Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)


Virginia MBUF Program Nearly Meets Annual Enrollment Goal In Just Two Weeks

Virginia Mercury reports, more than 1,800 owners of fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles have voluntarily enrolled in a Virginia mileage-based user fee program since it started accepting applications on July 1. “That’s 90 percent of the way to the 12-month enrollment goal we set based on the experiences of other states,” according to a state department of motor vehicles spokesperson. Virginia’s Mileage Choice Program, administered for the state by Emovis, allows motorists to pay the state highway use fee on alternative-fuel and fuel-efficient vehicles on a per-mile basis (as an alternative to paying a formula-determined fee in a lump sum at the time of registration renewal). Enrollees can choose between using an onboard unit with or without GPS capability.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Emovis (Abertis Mobility Services) Road Use Charging (RUC-MBUF-VMT) Virginia


Air Show Crowds Boost Pensacola Bridge's Volume And Revenue

Pensacola News Journal reports, the crowds attending last weekend’s Blue Angels air show broke attendance records and boosted volume on the crossing to Pensacola Beach. 58,676 vehicles passed through the Bob Sikes Bridge toll plaza during the three-day event “with an average of three people per vehicle.” A bridge manager said the volume of traffic was 5,500 greater than the total recorded during last year’s show.

Escambia County (FL) Florida


PA Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Pilot Reduces Speeding And Crashes

Reading Eagle reports, “More than two years into Pennsylvania’s use of unmanned cameras to enforce speeds in active work zones, state officials believe the pilot program is making a difference in keeping workers and travelers safe, reducing crashes, and changing dangerous driving habits. Though some drivers are still surprised when they receive a letter informing them that they were caught speeding by automated devices, there is a growing understanding of the program, and it’s motivating motorists not to drive too fast or distracted through construction areas, officials say.” The Pennsylvania pilot, operated jointly by PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission with a contracted administrator, is one of just three in the nation. (Maryland and Illinois have similar programs.)

Click here to download a copy of the Pennsylvania program’s 2022 report.

Automated Speed-Camera Enforcement Highway and Bridge Safety (Including COVID-19 Impacts) Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC)


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