Daily News Brief, June 30, 2016

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NJ "Puts Brakes" on AET

NJ.com reports, “As toll agencies in Pennsylvania and New York begin to use cashless tolls, New Jersey officials are still riding the brakes on the idea due to worries about the money they could lose if drivers stiff them on payments.” The article contrasts New Jersey’s cautious approach to AET conversion with programs and pilots in other states.

New Jersey


Plan for Toll Lanes on CA Highway 85 in Jeopardy

Mountain View Voice reports, “A controversial [Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)] plan to construct toll lanes in the Highway 85 median could be abandoned, after city leaders made clear that the undeveloped strip of land dividing the congested highway ought to be reserved for transit rather than solo drivers. . . .”



Bill Would Remove NCDOT Restraints on Property Owners. 540 Loop Toll Road Could Be Delayed.

The News & Observer (Raleigh) reports that “legislators are poised to drop all Map Act restrictions on development along the paths of future road projects. A bill [HB 959] emerged [on June 28] to address the N.C. Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this month that the N.C. Department of Transportation was effectively taking private property without paying for it.” Final legislative action on the bill could come this week.

WRAL-TV News says the bill, if passed, will delay state highway construction projects, including the proposed Highway 540 loop toll road.

North Carolina