Senior Systems Delivery Project Manager – Kapsch TrafficCom

Kapsch TrafficCom is a global leader in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) industry, focused on connected vehicles, highway traffic management, electronic tolling, and smart city solutions.

Our portfolio of Advanced Traffic Management (ATM) services includes over 40 systems that integrate ATMS, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), and automation for collecting real-time traffic and facilities-related data from highways, managed lanes, bridges, and tunnels. This information is delivered to a traffic management center where it is processed for actionable use by road operators, government authorities, and road users.

Our tolling solutions span all-electronic toll collection in free-flow traffic, automated payment at conventional toll plazas, and city tolling. Our solutions comprise radio communication via micro waves, vehicle tracking via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) video tolling, and vehicle classification via video and laser sensors LVDC (Laser Vehicle Detection and Classification). Our systems can manage operations for areas ranging from individual roads to entire regions, and can be modified for distance-based or time-based charging.

Our combined intelligent mobility solutions are used to aid traffic management personnel in making critical decisions during emergency response situations, as well as for providing real-time traffic information to road users from the highway to the city.

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Kapsch TrafficCom is seeking a Senior Systems Delivery Project Manager based in the New York metropolitan area. This is a key position that is responsible for all aspects of large systems integration projects including planning, ongoing project management, technical delivery, client coordination, subcontractor management, contract compliance, financial performance, cash flow, and resource management to successfully meet and complete project targets and deadlines at or under budget. The position assists with identification of additional client opportunities, as well as assisting in the preparation and writing of proposal materials and estimates for those (or other) opportunities.

Project Planning and Preparation:

  • Understands and supports the project’s initial proposal process.
  • Participates in the proposal planning and development whenever required.
  • Understands the contract deliverables, requirements and Contract Terms and Conditions.
  • Interfaces with leadership to provide status and to solicit strategic guidance.
  • Establishes the project budget and financial performance targets.
  • Manages subcontractors to include teaming agreements and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Understands the complexities, dependencies and interdependencies associated with the work including internal and/or subcontract support.
  • Understands and documents mitigation plans for potential project issues and risks
  • Participates in determining the required resources (amount and type), skills and appropriate resource loading/distribution necessary to perform the work and deliver the project on time and at or below cost, including role/responsibilities of internal partners  and contracted team partners
  • If applicable, determines the DBE requirements, agency rules, etc. and how those rules will impact the work share.
  • Assists in preparing necessary corporate approvals for new contracts (project and operations)
  • Assists in the development of cost estimates for both projects and operations/services work

Contract Award and Project Delivery:

  • Sets team expectations, goals and values and provides all management leadership across both projects and operations/services contracts
  • Assists in the planning and build out of the required infrastructure to provide contracted services or project delivery including facilities and staffing.
  • Validates/revises/updates scope of work and time requirements of the contract
  • Verifies/revises/updates subcontract arrangements, any Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements, and internal support.
  • Prepares a project or operations management plan appropriate for the work type scope, complexity, requirements, schedule and contract type; identifies critical plan elements to routinely monitor/assess (project control points).
  • Confirms or revises estimate, schedule, work plan, amount booked, and project % Gross Margin.
  • Manages and documents client-driven scope changes; assesses impact and initiates appropriate actions such as internal communications, estimate/schedule/work plan revisions, change documentation, and amendment preparation.
  • Manages and documents internal contract changes that affect booking, cost, or margin; coordinates with Project Administrators.
  • Manages cost, schedule and work plan; manages to the spend plan (cost-budget tracking); updates/revises spend plan (budget-forecast) at least monthly; manages to schedule: updates/revises activities, durations, milestone dates at least monthly.
  • Conducts a comprehensive review of project or operations costs, including accruals, at least on a monthly basis: coordinates with Project Assistants as needed.
  • Manages cash flow on at least a monthly basis.  Manages and reconciles earned revenue and unbilled invoicing.
  • Coordinates team activities with schedule and estimates; facilitates regular team communication and regular team status calls/meetings.
  • Communicates potential issues immediately upon identification – to management, delivery team, and client (as appropriate)
  • Documents delivery issues, changes and decisions in writing and maintains in the contract record.
  • Develops impact assessment for potential issues with mitigations strategies.
  • Develops cost/schedule recovery plan; submits for review and approval, including preparation of Economic Summary.
  • Manages cost of the work by internal partners and contract project team members; coordinates routinely with System and Software Engineering sections regarding cost and delivery of respective work product.
  • Reviews and approves subcontractor and vendor invoices; supports resolution of any payment issues.
  • Reviews and verifies that an accurate invoice is submitted to client at the end of the month; or, upon meeting a client deliverable milestones, or other payment trigger as identified contractually.
  • Facilitates daily interaction with the project team, project administrator and the client; is easily accessible and visible to the client; meets with the client on a regular basis to address delivery and cash management issues or contract issues.
  • Coordinates all parties to close the contract (by stage or entirety); reconciles accounting, invoicing, receipts; client closeout.
  • Actively manages Project Close Out plan across the life of the project.  Coordinates all parties to close the contract (by stage or entirety); reconciles accounting, invoicing, signoffs, collections, bond returns and successful transition to maintenance and operations (where applicable).

Qualified candidates will possess a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, with a benefit of having a degree in either Electrical Engineering, System Engineering, or Information and Communications Technology.

  • Minimum of 10 to 15 years’ experience in systems engineering with at least 5 years’ experience in Transportation Systems delivery
  • Strong understanding of complex software integration Projects; especially design, integration, operations and maintenance of software systems in the transportation arena
  • Experience interpreting and implementing system requirements
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills and ability to work well under stress and strict time constraints
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • PMP strongly preferred but not mandatory (successful candidate may be required to obtain a PMP or equivalent internal certifications).

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