MassDOT’s Plan for Massive Toll Plaza Demolition Project

Boston Herald describes the operational plans for MassDOT’s non-stop, thirty-day project to remove turnpike toll plazas prior to the start of all-electronic tolling. The newspaper reports that the “massive, around-the-clock demolition project” will begin on October 29. In addition to keeping 200 state troopers on duty around-the-clock to manage and observe traffic, MassDOT will open a command post in its headquarters building “and hold daily phone teleconferences with contractors at all toll plazas, state police and the district highway directors to evaluate traffic levels for the evening and the next day’s commute.”

Elsewhere in the Herald, state highway administrator Tom Tinlin asks turnpike motorists to be smart and patient in the face of the disruption. ““People have described projects like this as flying a plane while you’re building it,” Tinlin tells the newspaper.