Montreal’s New Champlain Bridge Opens to Traffic

The Canadian Press reports, Canada’s new Samuel De Champlain Bridge partially opened to northbound Montreal traffic yesterday. The US$3.3 billion St. Lawrence River crossing has three lanes in each direction, a central deck for public transit, and a pedestrian and bicycle path. A complete opening is scheduled for July 1. The article notes that thanks to the ruling Liberal government’s recision of an earlier controversial plan, the bridge is not tolled.

Montreal Gazette provides local coverage of the opening (video included).

Nebraska’s Plattsmouth Toll Bridge Reopens

Hastings Tribune reports, the Plattsmouth Toll Bridge has reopened, “allowing commuters between Nebraska and Iowa to cut off a few miles after weeks of flood-related road closings.” Iowa officials closed the bridge’s approach road and connection to I-29 on May 30. It was the second flood-related closing of the bridge since March.

Golden Gate Bridge’s New Toll Rate Schedule Takes Effect Monday

Marin Independent Journal reminds readers that Golden Gate Bridge tolls (and transit fares) will increase on Monday, July 1. “The toll hike approved in March is set to raise $100 million to cover a $74 million deficit forecast over the next five years. Board members and district staff said the remaining funds will be used to bolster ferry and bus services with more trips and a $10 million ferry purchase.” According to bridge district spokeswoman Priya Clemens, “The community sent a strong message through the recent public comment period that they want to support additional transit for the region through increased tolls.” The article notes that the district’s rate schedule will include a new category — license plate account or “pay-as-you-go” — for “drivers who have registered their license plates [and credit cards] with the district in exchange for reduced tolls.”

PA Turnpike and PennDOT Ready Work-Zone Speed Camera Pilot reports, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and PennDOT staff are preparing to launch a pilot project this fall that will place speed monitoring cameras in limited-access- highway construction zones. Lawmakers authorized the pilot in 2018 legislation that aims to change driver behavior. According to the article, the cameras will record the license plates of vehicles traveling more than 11 miles above the posted speed limit, and an administrator will oversee the issuance of warning notices and fines.

Kapsch Will Provide Infrastructure for Columbus, Ohio, CV Environment

Kapsch TrafficCom announced it was selected by the city of Columbus, Ohio, to oversee the infrastructure integration of the city’s Smart Columbus Connected Vehicle Environment (CVE). The CVE is expected to enhance safety and mobility for vehicle operators and improve pedestrian safety in school zones by deploying connected vehicle (CV) infrastructure on the roadside and CV equipment in vehicles. According to the company’s news release, “As the infrastructure prime contractor, Kapsch will supply its roadside unit (RSU) ITS Station 9160 (RIS-9160) at over 100 Columbus intersections to support vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety and mobility applications.”