Emergency Repair Fills Hole in Newport Pell Bridge Deck

The Providence Journal reports, a chunk of concrete fell off the deck of the Newport Pell Bridge last Thursday, January 23, leaving an 8-inch-diameter spall open to the waters of Narragansett Bay below. Crews were able to make an emergency repair and reopen the affected traffic lane by Friday afternoon. The article notes that the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority is in the midst of a multiyear project to replace the bridge’s entire 50-year-old deck.

Newcastle, UK, Congestion Pricing Plan Advances

BBC News reports, a proposed downtown Newcastle congestion pricing system received the approval of two more local government councils and will now undergo review by UK authorities. The plan proposes to levy tolls as high as £50 — approximately US$65.20 — on commercial trucks and buses that enter a designated zone. Taxis and vans would eventually pay lower fees. The plan aims to improve regional air quality by reducing carbon emissions.