Zombie Highway, Take I: Is the Lake County-IL Tollway Route 53 Project Dead or Alive?

Lake County News-Sun (via Chicago Tribune) publishes a David Rutter column that takes a dim view of the non-death and possible revival of the Route 53 project. “In the universe of political feints, hints and winks, here’s what we know [about the proposed $2.5 billion project]. It’s dead. Croaked. Gassed. You’d think that would be defining. But you would be wrong.” Rutter adds, “The 53 Highway to perpetual indecision has become a zombie highway, and zombies theoretically can’t be killed because they’re already dead.” Rutter’s news hook: Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn this week “asked for help to keep the road upright and mobile. . . . ‘If I can’t go to the governor and say there’s significant support for this — we’re not going to do it,’ [Blankenhorn] told reporters, colleagues and assorted undead observers at a Deerfield forum.”