Daily News Briefs, December 5, 2016

RiverLink Defends Ohio River Bridges Frequent User Discount Plan
MTA to Play Hardball with Scofflaws with Launch of AET Next Year
PA's New Toll Enforcement Legislation Takes Effect in 2017. Turnpike Commission Is Pursuing Reciprocity Agreements.
Decision Whether to Continue WV Turnpike Tolls Hoped for Early in Governor-Elect Justice’s Term
After First Year, WSDOT'S I-405 Express Lanes Exceed Revenue and Usage Projections
Toronto Mayor Tory Becomes Tolling "Crusader" after Calling Tolls "Highway Robbery"
Dulles Greenway is Loudoun County's Most Valuable Property
MTA Starts Public Hearings on 2017 Fare, Toll Hikes
PA Turnpike Opens New Express E-ZPass Lanes
Former USDOT Secretary LaHood and former PA Governor Rendell Plug Infrastructure Investment and Tolling of Interstates
Apple Remains Committed to Self-Driving Technology
Charlotte Observer Editors Take On Trump's Infrastructure Plan and Any "Toll-Driven National Plan"
Virginian-Pilot Column Hammers Downtown, Midtown Tunnel Tolls (Take I)
Virginian-Pilot Hits Tunnel Expansion Plan and . . . Tolls (Take II)
Fitch on HPTE PABs (Issued on Behalf of Plenary Roads Denver)

Daily News Briefs, December 2, 2016

Portsmouth, Norfolk Residents Can Now Apply for Downtown and Midtown Tunnel Toll Relief Program
Mass Turnpike Weekday E-ZPass Usage at 85 Percent Under New AET System
Ohio River Bridges: Walsh Construction Earns $1 Million Bonus and Officials Set Opening Date for East End Bridge.
Indian Army Troops Deployed to Toll Plazas. Minister Objects, Refuses to Leave Office. Troops Move Along. (Cue The Beatles: "It's Just Another Day . . .")
SANDAG Opens Three New Freeway Ramps to SR 125 Toll Road North
VDOT's $250 Million I-395 Express Lanes Extension Project Is On Track
NCDOT's I-77 Express Lanes Project Advances
Otto the Self-Driving Truck Makes the Rounds in Ohio and One Editorial Writer Hides Under Desk
WSDOT Assures Motorists that Cars with Temporary Plates Are Tolled
Liberal Think Tank Hits Trump Infrastructure Plan. Ranking Transportation Committee Member Says Trump Voters Won't Like the Necessary Tolls.
Toronto City Manager to "Political Masters": Either Toll or Slash Projects. They Listen.
Academics Praise Toronto Mayor John Tory's Tolling Proposal
CT Budget Gap Could Hit Transportation Funding (Tolls, Fees Cited as Potential Funding Options)
WI Newspaper: It is Time to Consider Gas Tax, Tolls and Fees for Transportation
Teams Vying to Build Gordie Howe Bridge Meet with Contractors
EU Greenlights Germany's Plan to Toll Foreign Drivers. Germany's Neighbors Say, "Not So Fast."
A Clarification

Daily News Briefs, December 1, 2106

LA Metro Ends Long Dispute, Agrees to Pay $300 Million More to Kiewit for 405 Freeway Widening Project
Moody's Report: 2017 Outlook for Domestic Toll Road Industry "Remains Positive"
The Plot Thickens in NY State vs FHWA Battle over Tourism Signs as Feds Question Legality of Rest Stop Stores
Indiana Funding Task Force May Recommend Tolling
Questions About Math Behind Trump Infrastructure Plan and P3s Persist
No Firm Date for Start of Ohio River Bridges Tolling. Project Officials OK Toll System Procurement Changes.
CTRMA's MoPac Delivering Faster Travel Times
Bridgegate: NJ Judge Hears Arguments in Misconduct Complaint Filed Against Governor Christie
Guessing Date for Gordie Howe Bridge Opening Is Called a "Mug's Game"
Ohio Investing $15 Million to Develop Testing Ground for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
MA Governor Talks Up Turnpike's AET Transition, Though "Most Drivers" Remain Opposed to More Tolls
RI Lawmaker Makes Case for Constitutional Amendment to Ban Tolling of Cars
El Paso Releases CRRMA and City E-Mails Related to $3.2 Million Phishing Scam
Mackinac Bridge Authority Employee Talks About Driving Fearful Motorists Across the Span

Daily News Briefs, November 30, 2016

Metro Board Member Will Push to Kill the $5.8 Billion Silver Line Extension in Ploy for More Funding from Virginia
Latest Lake Pontchartrain Bridge Fatality Drives Home Need for New Guardrails and Funding
Kapsch Selected to Modernize and Operate Austrian Toll Collection System
Debate over Toronto Mayor's Tolling Proposal Continues
OK Turnpike's $420 Million Bond Deal Is Delayed as Interest Rates Rise
Caltrans and SANDAG Kick Off $6 Billion I-5 Project
New York City to Launch $1.7 Billion Rehab of Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Segment
Some Economists Are Questioning Trump Infrastructure Plan's Upside and "Backdoor Borrowing." Chao Tapped to Lead USDOT.
CFX's $79.6 Million Wekiva Parkway Project Advances
ERT Expected to Open MLK Expressway Extension Today
Missouri Grapples with Funding Shortfall, Gas Tax and "Fierce Opposition" to Tolls (Express Lanes Cited)
Ohio River Bridges Construction in the Home Stretch
Newspaper Argues for Creation of Puget Sound Regional Transportation Board (with Tolling Authority)
Solano Land Trust Could Tap Caltrans or MTC Toll Credits for Open Space Acquisition
Faneuil Wins Contract to Design and Install Del Rio International Bridge Toll System
Caltrans Continues Removal, Recycling of Old Bay Bridge Span's Steel Trusses
Fitch Rates Cameron County, TX, Bonds Scheduled for Pricing

Daily News Briefs, November 29, 2016

Illinois DOT Eyes Potential for Adding Toll Lanes to the Eisenhower Expressway
MA Officials Take Note of NY Crackdown on Toll Scofflaws, Eye Possible Reciprocity Agreement with the Empire State
PATH Workers Are Allegedly Sleeping on the Job. PANYNJ Inspector General Investigates.
NYDOT, FHWA Officials to Huddle on Taking Down 500 Tourism Signs
Blue Water Bridge Workers Continue to Strike
Toronto Grapples with Cost to Fix Gardiner Expressway as Mayor Backs Tolling
WV Turnpike Thanksgiving Traffic Spikes to Ten-Year High
DelDOT Reports I-95 and Route 1 Spike in Thanksgiving Traffic
Washington Post Plugs VDOT's I-66 Outside-the-Beltway P3 Deal
OTA to Spend $250,000 to Replace Trees "They Let Die"
OTA Buys Cookieland for New Turnpike
Louisiana Funding Task Force Likely to Call for Gas Tax Hike
US Senator Pitches Michigan as Self-Driving Proving Ground
Fitch on OCTA Bonds
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