Request for Expressions of Interest, Central Business District Tolling Program — MTA

April 16, 2019

Subject: Request for Expressions of Interest No. 01-2019, Central Business District Tolling Program

To Prospective Proposers:


The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA or Authority) a public benefit corporation organized under the Public Authorities Law of the State of New York, is inviting Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) for the Central Business District (CBD) Tolling Program. For more information on TBTA, please visit the following website:

New York State’s Enacted Budget establishes a CBD Tolling Program, the goals of which are to reduce traffic congestion in the Manhattan CBD, improve air quality, and provide a stable and reliable funding source for the repair and revitalization of MTA’s public transportation systems (hereby known as the CBD Tolling Program). The CBD Tolling Program envisions a cordon-based system for the Central Business District, defined as Manhattan south of and inclusive of 60th Street to the southern tip of Manhattan, not including the FDR Drive and West Side Highway (service roads are in the CBD). Drivers are to be tolled upon entering or remaining in the CBD. Complying with the following requirements will be paramount to any potential solution:

  • Reduce congestion;
  • Minimize the rate of uncollectible transactions;
  • Maximize revenue collection and minimize system, installation, maintenance, and collection costs;
  • Begin revenue operations at the earliest date;
  • Minimize the infrastructure footprint, leverage current infrastructure to the greatest extent possible, and bring creative solutions to blending the system into the urban landscape, existing or new midblock infrastructure installations for 60th street;
  • Provide the ability for third party payment applications and technologies to be integrated with the toll collection system
  • Integrate with other current and future solutions through an open architecture

TBTA anticipates, but does not guarantee, issuing a publicly advertised Request for Proposal (RFP) in the second quarter of 2019 for the CBD Tolling Program. The intent of the RFP is to select a contractor to Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain a CBD Tolling System, including the required infrastructure. The system should be capable of successfully satisfying the requirements identified in the preceding paragraph.

The proposer selected under the RFP will be required to enter into contract with TBTA. The anticipated duration of the contract is ten (10) years. The notice for the RFP will be posted on TBTA’s website:


TBTA is hereby seeking expressions of interest from firms that would anticipate responding to the RFP.


At this time, TBTA is seeking just expressions of interest in responding to the RFP. Each Respondent shall email a pdf copy of its response to the Contract Manager for this Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI).

The Response shall also include the contact information (name, title, email, telephone number) of the individual who shall act as the Respondent’s contact with the TBTA.


Responses shall be limited to no more than two (2) letter-size pages. Your response shall not include brochures and/or similar marketing material in response to this RFEI. 

5.          QUESTIONS

The Contract Manager shall be the single point of contact for communications on any and all issues related to this RFEI and the RFP referenced herein is Lynn Gore. Mr. Gore can be reached as follows:

Address:  Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA), 2 Broadway, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10004
Phone: 646-252-7063
Fax: 646-252-7059

Prospective Respondents are prohibited from contacting anyone at the Authority other than the Contract Manager identified in this section. This prohibition does not restrict prospective Respondents from normal communications with the Authority’s personnel regarding ongoing contractual arrangements that are not directly related to this RFEI or the RFP summarized in this RFEI.

TBTA reserves its rights at law and equity including the right to reject and/or accept any and/or all comments submitted in response to the RFEI.  No Respondent shall have any rights against TBTA arising from the contents of this RFEI, the receipt of information or the incorporation or rejection of comments in the final RFP.  TBTA shall not be held liable for any pre-contract activity and/or costs incurred by Respondents to this RFEI.

No Respondent will be allowed competitive advantage or disadvantage by reason of its submission or failure to submit information in response to this RFEI.  At such time as the Authority issues an RFP, responses thereto will be evaluated on their own merits and no weight will be given or withheld due to submissions or failure to submit information in response to this this RFEI.


Lynn Gore
Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, ITS Projects
Procurement Department