Daily News Briefs, November 27, 2023

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Metro Philadelphia Bridge Authority Hopes To Keep Toll Rates Frozen

NJ.com (subscription required for full access) reports, “Tolls for four major bridges between New Jersey and Pennsylvania could remain the same for a 13th consecutive year if the Delaware River Port Authority [DRPA] stays on track to approve its proposed budget.” An increase is not presently contemplated, but the agency’s board will review the 2024 budget, toll rates and PATCO transit fares on December 6. Officials tell NJ.com the agency is still facing reductions in traffic (about 10 percent) and transit ridership (about 50 percent) attributable to the pandemic. However toll revenue is currently on track to grow year-on-year because commercial vehicle traffic (and the higher tolls it generates) is offsetting the persistent loss of commuter traffic. According to NJ.com, toll revenues “increased slightly from $207.19 million between January and August 2022 to $212.76 million for the same period in 2023.”

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New West Virginia Turnpike Collection System Undergoes Installation And Testing

MetroNews reports, testing of the West Virginia Turnpike’s new and improved toll collection system is going “very well,” says parkways authority executive director Jeff Miller. He added that drivers can already see new equipment going up at the Ghent toll plaza, where lane-by-lane commissioning of the system is taking place. Miller expects installation work to be completed at all three of the turnpike’s plazas during 2024. The article notes, the authority board “gave approval in April 2022 to a $24.8 million contract with technology company TransCore to develop and install the new system,” which replaces one dating from 2008. The upgrade promises to make transaction processing more efficient, but it will also support new debit and credit card payment options. (TRN inserted a link in quoted text.)

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These are just some of the toll industry developments TRN is following.

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