Daily News Brief, July 7, 2016

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NJ Lists Road Projects That May "Grind to Halt" in Funding Dispute

NJ.com reports that Governor Chris Christie’s office released the list of road, rail and transit projects budgeted at $3.5 billion that will “grind to a halt Friday [July 8] at midnight” for at least seven days unless the stalemate between the governor and the state legislature over funding of the Transportation Trust Fund is resolved. The NJ.com article includes a database of the impacted projects. For an official list, see the July 6 announcement from the governor’s office.


Interop Update: SunPass Heading to Texas, Kansas

News 4 Jacksonville reports, “Motorists may be able to use their Florida SunPass transponders on South Carolina’s toll roads in the coming months and on drives between Kansas and Texas in about a year, according to a newsletter sent out Tuesday [July 5] to SunPass customers.” [Link added.] According to FTE’s Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, “by this time next year, we hope to have connected our SunPass Customer Service Center with the Central U.S. Interoperability Hub in Texas.”


RI Truck Toll Plan Already Paying Dividends

Providence Journal reports, “Rhode Island is now seeing the first proceeds of the hotly contested bridge-repair financing plan approved by lawmakers this winter. Truck tolls are still likely more than a year from appearing . . . but the state last month refinanced $244.9 million in old transportation debt” — thanks to the RhodeWorks legislation — “to free up $129 million over the next three years.”