Daily News Brief, July 12, 2016

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Illinois and Real Estate Developer Agree on Private Toll Bridge Plan

Crain’s Chicago Business reports, “Faced with a shortage of infrastructure capital and a big employer that needs help, the state of Illinois is moving into the private toll bridge business. In a rather unique twist today [July 11], Gov. Bruce Rauner announced a deal under which [logistics facilities and infrastructure developer] CenterPoint Properties will build a $170 million to $190 million private toll bridge linking Interstate 80 and its huge multimodal facility in Will County.” Rauner described the deal, a first for Illinois, as a variation on the P3 model that will reduce commercial truck congestion on local roads and boost the state’s economy.

Chicago Tribune also reports.



Indiana Transportation Task Force to Look at I-69 Bridge (Tolling Cited)

Associated Press reports, “Indiana officials say that the state’s new road funding task force will discuss plans to move forward with an Interstate 69 bridge linking Indiana and Kentucky.” The report adds that the bridge, which could cost $850 million, could be funded through tolling.



COE Accepts Public Comment on SC Permit to Build a Tolled I-73

The Sun News (Myrtle Beach) reports that the Corps of Engineers announced the opening of a public comment period on its intent to grant South Carolina a permit to build a new segment of I-73 which the state expects to toll. Mike Wooten, chair of the state transportation commission, tells the newspaper, “It’s gonna get built. It’s just a question of when.”

South Carolina


As Jacksonville Congestion Grows, Toll Lanes Will Provide Relief

The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville) reports that the increase in local traffic congestion results from improvements in the economy. Officials are using managed toll lanes as part of a solution.



County Commissioner Plans to Speak Out against Toll Initiative

Orlando Sentinel’s Scott Maxwell reports that Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari plans to take a stand against a state toll initiative during the Wednesday, July 13, meeting of the Metroplan Orlando board. Maxwell has recently been criticizing toll-lane-within-toll-road proposals.



Cartoonist Redefines Electronic Tolling

Marin Independent Journal editorial cartoonist George Russell makes a sardonic comment on the recent Golden Gate Bridge toll increase.