Daily News Briefs, March 24, 2020

Atlantic City Expressway May Adopt $500 Million Capital Plan and Raise Tolls
In Northern VA, 95 Express Tolls Plunge as Many Commuters Stay Home
MassDOT Secretary Outlines Epidemic's Impact on Traffic and Revenue
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Daily News Briefs, March 23, 2020

NY Thruway Suspends Cash Collection, Offers Payment Substitute
PANYNJ Suspends Cash Collection at GW Bridge and Tunnels
San Francisco Bay Area Toll Bridges Halt Cash Collection
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Daily News Briefs, March 20, 2020

New Kansas Transportation Funding Law Authorizes Toll Projects
Maine Turnpike Pay Strategy Aims to Keep Healthy Collectors Working and Vulnerable Ones Home
California's 40 Million Residents Are Ordered to Stay Home
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