Daily News Briefs, November 27, 2019

PA and NJ Turnpikes Issue RFI to Get Private Sector Input on Major Bridge Project
Illinois Tollway Plans to Award $130 Million in New Construction-Related Contracts
Millions in Tolls Remain Uncollected Following SunPass System Breakdown
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Daily News Briefs, November 26, 2019

Crucial December 4 Vote Scheduled on Maryland Express Lanes Plan
Report: Officials Failed to Heed Early Signs of Trouble in SunPass System Project
Los Angeles Metro Taps WSP and Guidehouse for Its Congestion Pricing Study
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Daily News Briefs, November 25, 2019

Report: State Audit of SunPass System Fiasco Finds Fault with FDOT and Vendors
Pennsylvania Turnpike Postpones Start Date for Scranton Project
DelDOT Will Compensate Maryland County for Road Damage Due to Toll Avoidance Traffic
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