Daily News Briefs, October 11, 2019

CFX Board Advances Two Major Expressway Projects and Revises Pay By Plate Toll Rates
I-77 Mobility Partners Asks NCDOT for More Time to Complete Express Lanes
West Virginia Turnpike Board Readies New Bond Issue, Discusses Accuracy of Past T&R Data
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Daily News Briefs, October 10, 2019

HCTRA Schedules Opening of New SH 249 Toll Lanes for December
Caltrans Is Forced to Use Generators to Keep Two Bay Area Tunnels Open
Atlanta's Northwest Corridor Express Wins the People's Choice Award
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Daily News Briefs, October 9, 2019

FDOT Lawyers Ask Appellate Court to Uphold MDX Dissolution Statute
GDOT Asserts an "Unwavering" Commitment to Build More Atlanta Express Lanes
Massachusetts Governor Testifies in Support of His $18 Billion Transportation Plan
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Daily News Briefs, October 8, 2019

Georgia DOT Repackages and Delays Several Atlanta Express Lane Projects
Maryland Comptroller Wants Bay Bridge Work Halted Pending AET Conversion
Caltrans Helps Orange County Agencies Devise a Plan for Connecting Two Major Tollways
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Daily News Briefs, October 7, 2019

Status of FDOT's Suncoast Parkway Phase 2 Project Is Unclear
Several Maryland Lawmakers Want MDTA to Rethink Cashless Conversion
MDTA Faces Local Opposition to Plans for New Chesapeake Bay Bridge
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