Transportation Systems Consultant

Our firm

Fagan Consulting, LLC is a highly experienced operations and toll systems consulting firm that delivers practical, actionable approaches to efficiently provide mobility solutions for our customers. Fagan Consulting provides all aspects of tolling systems procurement, design, and implementation oversight, leadership, and support. We built a company that offers challenging projects allowing our team members to make lasting and direct differences for our clients. For more information about services we provide, please visit our website:

Our need: Transportation Systems Consultant

We are interested in hiring a transportation systems consultant with a strong background in toll systems implementation. Particular areas of work vary depending on the project. A particular project’s focus (and your experience) may be roadside or back office, but toll industry experience is necessary. Our firm assists both new and well-established toll authorities with: tolling system procurements; system implementation oversight; operational process improvement; audit of existing systems; strategic planning; etc. Your toll industry experience may be as a consultant, agency staff or integrator staff.


We understand that what we do is not for everyone. Some of the critical traits we look for include:

  • 100% self-starter
  • Leader
  • Excellent people skills
  • Effective communicator both verbally and in writing
  • Independent
  • Critical thinker and problem solver
  • Well organized to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Highly productive when busy cycles arrive
  • Adaptable to working from home


  • We cover 100% of employees’ health and dental insurance costs
  • We offer competitive salaries
  • We offer a 401k retirement plan with company matching
  • We provide a laptop and required software
  • We reimburse expenses related to approved certifications and continuing education
  • Team members have opportunities to attend conferences to further industry knowledge and exposure
  • Most of our team works from home, with flexible hours
  • We have the flexibility and lack of bureaucracy you’d expect in a small company

Is this your opportunity?

The founders of Fagan Consulting have built this company with the belief that it must have the culture of an organization where they would enjoy being employees. They continually strive to make that a reality and the satisfaction and engagement of the team reflect those efforts.

Our team members perform essential work for customers in numerous agencies in various states. Our client list continues to expand. As a result, we seek talented, motivated people. If you feel this is an opportunity for which you are qualified, and the ‘fit’ seems right, please send questions or a resume and cover letter to us at Include in the subject FC-GSC.