Work Resumes On Long-Delayed Southern Border Bridge Widening Project

The Big Bend Sentinel reports, a protracted and baffling delay in completion of a Presidio International Bridge widening project has finally ended as work toward a projected September 5 completion recently got underway. Although COVID-19 interrupted the initial work, Mexico managed to finish its half of the project in 2020. The Texas part languished, however, without the bridge owner, TxDOT, offering a clear explanation of the cause. Presidio County, Texas, officials, concerned about significant traffic backups at the border crossing, welcomed the resumption of work. They recently proposed transferring control of the bridge to an independent port authority with the power to collect tolls for the maintenance and operation of the bridge. In a previous report on the proposal, the newspaper noted that Mexican authorities currently charge US-bound travelers a “modest fee” to cross the bridge, but TxDOT imposes no toll.

More information about the expansion project (ID #010410006) can be found through the TxDOT project tracker app.