Transurban, Maryland’s Partner In I-495, I-270 Toll Lanes Plan, Withdraws From Project

The Washington Post reports, “Maryland’s vision to use one of the nation’s biggest public-private partnerships to relieve D.C.-area traffic congestion faces serious jeopardy, as the private team picked to develop it quit the project on Thursday.” In an interview, Amanda Baxter, a senior vice president for Transurban North America, said, “We are making a tough decision, but the right decision.”

Maryland Matters adds, “In a statement, the company said the project faced challenges including delayed environmental approvals, ‘a changing political landscape,’ and unresolved lawsuits. ‘Transurban is disappointed that we were unable to reach agreement with Maryland to deliver the critical congestion relief that travelers across the region need and want. We respect Maryland’s decision to pursue alternatives – whether that is in project scope, delivery, or partnership,’ said Tanya Sheres, a spokesperson for Transurban North America.”

DCist and NBC News Washington cover the news as well, with NBC adding, “Transurban’s decision does not kill the project but is another setback.”