Prince Edward Island Leaders Push For Confederation Bridge Toll Reduction

CBC News reports, Prince Edward Island (PEI) Premier Dennis King (PC) wants the federal government to support reducing the toll on the privately operated Confederation Bridge by 60 percent to 20.00 CDN (about 15.00 USD). “King spoke with federal officials about decreasing [the toll for crossing to New Brunswick] in November, and then sent a letter on Dec. 9 to Dominic LeBlanc, Canada’s minister of infrastructure and a New Brunswick MP. The current regular car toll of $50.25 [approximately 37.50 USD] . . . is not affordable for Islanders and Island businesses, said King. He would also like to see the cost of taking the ferry between P.E.I. and Nova Scotia drop to $20.” Percy Downe, a federal senator representing PEI, also favors the reduction, stating, “We all pay for that at the grocery store and everywhere else. It’s a cost-of-living factor and it’s grossly unfair when others are using federally owned bridges and not paying any toll at all.”