MTA Police Nab 21 “Persistent” Scofflaws In One Day

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced that its police force “stopped and towed the vehicles of 21 New York State persistent toll violators in a single day on Wednesday, January 11.” The scofflaws, whose vehicle registrations had previously been suspended for non-payment of tolls, collectively owe over $400,000 in tolls and fees. The targeted enforcement exercise was carried out by officers “equipped with specialized license plate readers that can identify motorists who are operating vehicles with a suspended registration due to unpaid tolls.” MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Daniel DeCrescenzo, Jr., said the authority “is committed to the collection and protection of our toll revenue,” and noted that it has recovered nearly 90 percent of the tolls owed by scofflaws whose New York vehicle registrations have been suspended since the inception of cashless tolling. reports that the MTA crackdown continued into yesterday morning’s peak-period, with police impounding an additional eight vehicles. The combined total of tolls and fees owed by the scofflaws apprehended over the two days is $500,000.

New York Post also covers this story.