Kapsch’s AET Conversion Of Lincoln Tunnel Completes PANYNJ Toll Systems Project

Kapsch TrafficCom announced that the recent launch of the Lincoln Tunnel’s cashless collection system marked the company’s completion of a six-year-long project to replace the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s legacy toll collection systems with Kapsch AET technology. “Kapsch installed new tolling sensors and equipment providing proprietary stereoscopic nVDC technology in order to create all electronic transactions,” according to the announcement. The Kapsch systems installed at PANYNJ’s toll crossings cover “four bridges, two tunnels, thirteen zones, two-way traffic with one direction tolled at reversible lanes and three plazas,” including the “toll point with the highest traffic volume and commercial traffic in the United States.” Kapsch also provides central host functionality with primary and secondary host server installations. Kapsch personnel will maintain the systems around the clock. PANYNJ Executive Director Rick Cotton commented, “This upgrade is a win-win for all drivers who use our crossings by cutting precious minutes from daily commutes, by reducing vehicle accidents in toll lanes, and by decreasing emissions from vehicles waiting in line to pay cash at toll booths.”