Washington State Commission Recommends Gradual Adoption Of RUC System

KING5 reports, the Washington State Transportation Commission voted yesterday to send recommendations to the state legislature for gradual adoption of a road use charge system as a substitute for fuel taxation. “Drivers would pay 2.5 cents for every mile driven on publicly-funded roads under the recommendation. The commission will recommend that, starting in 2025, drivers could voluntarily participate in the program, as long as they own cars that get more than 25 miles per gallon. . . . In 2027, the recommendation would require all 2028 model vehicles operate under the system.” The commission also endorsed giving RUC program participants credits for electric vehicle licensing fees and refunds for gas tax payments.

The recommendations were outlined in a presentation to commissioners by a CDM Smith consultant. The presentation and the commission’s discussion of RUC is part of the video record of the December 13 meeting beginning at the 1:30:18 mark.

KIRO also covers this story.