Drivers Have Ways To Avoid Car Rental Company Toll Charge Markups

Car rental companies are cashing in on the steady increase in tolled roads, but The Washington Post suggests ways drivers can save on exorbitant or surprise charges that get processed weeks after a car is returned.

  • Use your own transponder, rather than the device for which a rental company may charge a daily fee. But be sure to disable the rental transponder, and don’t leave yours in the car when you turn it in.
  • Use your own toll payment app — as long as it’s compatible with rented vehicles.
  • Slow down and pay with cash, if you have the option.
  • Choose a rental toll package deal that may cost less than paying fees and tolls individually.
  • And of course, there’s the strategy of avoiding toll roads altogether, if possible.

On the business side, some rental companies are choosing to streamline the payment process for customers and rely on the car rental for profits, not the tolls.