Congressional Dems And Republicans Spar Over Vehicle Electrification Legislation

The Hill reports, US Representatives Andy Levin (D-MI 9) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  (D-NY 14) yesterday announced they will introduce a revised version of their 2020 bill to create a national network of electric vehicle charging stations. “If passed, the Electric Vehicles Freedom Act would create a plan for a network of public charging stations that would allow drivers to drive anywhere in the U.S. with limited risk of the battery dying too far from a station.”

The Detroit News reports on the bill’s terms and other efforts in the House of Representatives to advance “President Joe Biden’s priorities to spur transportation electrification.” According to the article, Democratic proposals are meeting resistance from GOP lawmakers who maintain the government is aggressively pushing EV technology when “the market and consumer choice” should determine the pace of its adoption.

CBS News Denver reports, the ambitious and “slightly bipartisan” transportation funding proposal introduced this week by Colorado’s governor would “usher in a new era around electric cars, buses and trucks.”