NJ Turnpike OKs Billions For NJ Transit Over Objections About Lack Of Transparency

NJ.com reports, “A landmark agreement was unanimously approved [yesterday] to send $3.57 billion over the next seven years from the NJ Turnpike Authority to NJ Transit to help cover its operating costs. Both supporters and opponents criticized the authority for not making details of the memo of understanding agreement public before the meeting so they could make informed comments. The agenda only listed it as a ‘State Public Transportation Projects Funding Agreement with the Treasurer of the State of New Jersey.’” A spokesman for the National Motorists Association told authority commissioners, “From the public’s perspective, we are hearing about this from news accounts concerning NJ Transit last month and from a state budget hearing last week. As to the actual agreement, with all the details regarding the exact amounts and terms and conditions, why didn’t we hear about this earlier from the Authority?”