Setback In Pensacola Bay Bridge Repair Is Likely To Delay Reopening

Pensacola News Journal reports, “It’s unlikely the Pensacola Bay Bridge will reopen this month as planned after contractors discovered additional repairs are needed on one of the bridge’s trophy pieces this week. [FDOT] issued a press release saying it is ‘conducting a comprehensive assessment of the replacement’ to determine how it will affect the reopening schedule. . . .” According to a state lawmaker who is monitoring the repair project, “Skanska discovered the new issues this week when placing a trophy piece on a bridge piling. He said when in place, the whole structure shifted, and when the trophy piece was removed to further investigate the issue, it shifted again but not back into place.” The bridge’s existing span and a new one under construction were damaged in September 2020 when struck by Skanska barges that broke loose during Hurricane Sally. (Links inserted by TRN)