Kapsch And Olympia Odos Introduce European Pay-Per-Mile Tolling

Kapsch TrafficCom is helping Greece — and ultimately the entire EU — break new ground with the recent implementation of its “Hybrid Multi-Lane Toll System” on the Olympia Odos motorway. According to a Kapsch news release, “Greece is the first country in the European Union to operate an electronic toll system in which car drivers are only charged for actual kilometers driven on the motorway. The [new system] supplements the unpopular existing payment system that charges drivers for an entire section of road, even if they exit after the first toll barrier. ‘Kilometer-based toll billing is the future’ says Michael Weber, Strategic Sales Manager of Kapsch TrafficCom. ‘The [EU] sees traditional section payment as an unfair phase-out model and is pushing to charge only for actual kilometers driven. This method will be mandatory for new toll routes and a recommended feature for existing toll routes.”

Olympia Odos posted a video to showcase the new system.