WA Post: Maryland Should Catch Up with Virginia on Express Lane Construction

The Washington Post editorial board writes, Maryland would do well to emulate Virginia’s progress in expanding highway capacity to meet the expected growth in metro DC population and car ownership. “Northern Virginia is on its way toward completion of a nearly 100-mile network of tolled express lanes on the Beltway, Interstates 66, 95 and 395 that are already used daily by tens of thousands of commuters and others. Most of it was financed, built and managed by the private sector, which keeps most of the revenue and spares taxpayers most of the burden of a $1 billion investment.” The editors specifically endorse Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s P3 plan to build tolled express lanes, calling it “a sensible response to a predictable crisis that threatens to consign his state to perpetual also-ran status in the regional economic sweepstakes.”