Waze Introduces Highly-Requested Toll Price Display Feature

CNET’s Roadshow reports that Google’s traffic monitoring app, Waze, “will now offer to estimate route costs including toll pricing to help drivers plan their travels in advance — the app won’t just offer toll alerts en route. The new feature roll[ed] out across iOS and Android apps in the US and Canada starting [yesterday]. “According to CNET, Waze said, “The feature required creating a new database into which Waze editors ‘input a large amount of data, from the pricing for different types of toll road passes to the entrance and exit points for toll roads.’” (Links inserted.)

Business Insider notes, the new feature will display the cost of taking a fast route that requires payment of a toll and compare that route to non-tolled alternatives.

The Verge notes that Waze “isn’t tracking the [toll] costs itself; users have to report the prices within the app.”