Toll Study Narrowly Approved by CT House Committee. Tolling’s Fate in Connecticut Is “Hard to Predict” Even with Speaker’s Support.

Connecticut Post reports, “Over Republican opposition to the possible return of highway tolls to Connecticut, the tax-writing Finance Committee on Thursday [April 27] approved legislation that would allow the state Department of Transportation to study future discounts for state residents. The bill, which narrowly passed the committee, next moves to the House of Representatives. It is a companion piece to the controversial legislation on allowing electronic tolling technology to be set up throughout the state. . . .”

WSHU’s senior political reporter says it’s “hard to predict” whether Connecticut lawmakers will approve highway tolling in the current session. “This year the state’s entire budget process is in flux. As a matter of fact, the budget talks within the Democratic Caucus have collapsed. In the meantime, [House Speaker Joe] Aresimowicz is indicating the toll measure might be inserted into a must pass budget bill.”