VA Gov. McAuliffe Uses “Public Shaming and Embarrassment” to Respond to Complaints against ERC

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the “ongoing Manhattan Project-like effort to find a crack – any crack in the 58-year contract between Elizabeth River Crossings and the Commonwealth of Virginia,” is not succeeding, and so Governor Terry McAuliffe is using public “shaming and embarrassment” to respond to complaints of customer service lapses and toll collection abuses by the concession company. The newspaper notes that the governor, who has started calling out the concession’s corporate members (“Macquarie-Skanska”), told reporters last week, “I will make it very clear to every governor in the country that they should not do business with companies that treat their citizens this way.” An executive speaking for Skanska tells the newspaper “they take the complaints [by the governor and his transportation secretary, Aubrey Layne] ‘very seriously and are working to resolve the issues that have been highlighted.’”