Interstate Toll Enforcement Cooperation Is Growing, Evidenced by PANYNJ Overture to NJ Registration Officials reports, “More states are investigating toll enforcement agreements, said officials at the Alliance for Toll Interoperability, a group that promotes toll industry standardization. ‘Interstate agreements are on the rise, and the majority of action is currently occurring in the Northeast region of the United States,’ said Sharon Adair, Alliance Vice President.” The article leads with news that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey “will ask New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission to suspend the registration privilege of chronic toll violators, similar to what is now done [in cooperation with] New York State, as the agency moves to cashless toll collection. . . .” adds, “The motivation behind such agreements is lost money, especially as toll authorities began to implement all-electronic toll collection, and eliminate cash.”

Daily Record reports that port authority police meanwhile continue their round-up of toll scofflaws. On January 12, they stopped a man who allegedly drove through a Lincoln Tunnel toll booth without paying, then charged him with theft after discovering the man owes more than $12,300 in tolls and fees, representing 190 alleged violations.