Washington Post Blogger Decides “Toll Collectors Do Have a Conscience,” Then Hits P3s, Express Lanes and . . . Toll Collectors

The Washington Post’s “Tripping” blog reporter, Fredrick Kunkle, gives Transurban credit for “working with” I-495 express lane users who faced $30.00 tolls last week as a snowstorm approached, writing, “Transurban, bless its soul, also showed that toll collectors do have a conscience. They expressed an interest in making things right, encouraging motorists ‘concerned with the price they were charged’ to call customer service. . . .” Still, Kunkle hits dynamic pricing, P3s and the company, adding, “Virginia might think twice about legalizing highway robbery again – and Americans ought to give serious thought to the idea that the only way we can afford basic infrastructure is by auctioning it off.”