Newspaper Editorial Urges Hamilton, Ontario, Politicians and Residents to Give Tolls a Chance

The Hamilton Spectator publishes an editorial suggesting that Hamiltonians “might want to get used to the idea” of paying highway tolls. “Tolls are increasingly common in the United States. Halifax has a tolled bridge into and out of downtown. British Columbia has toll bridges. Even Alberta has considered the idea. The right-leaning Fraser Institute, not typically a fan of users fees and taxes, says tolls are a lesser of evils. Tolling roads is no longer a ridiculous concept.” The editorial acknowledges that “you won’t find many Hamilton politicians willing to talk out loud about tolls” and change will be slow, but adds, “For the sake of argument, let’s consider the possibility.”

iNews880 reports, “A Hamilton politician looks forward to a 2017 debate about ‘selective tolls’ on the [Lincoln Alexander Parkway] and Red Hill Valley Parkway. [Ward 4 Councillor] Sam Merulla’s idea is to creatively address the city’s ‘revenue problem’ by tolling trucks that use the highways to get from one destination to another outside of Hamilton.”