It Was Smooth Sailing on Opening Day of the Ohio River Bridges AET System

Courier-Journal reports, “The much-scrutinized and long-anticipated start of tolling across the Ohio River bridges began Friday [December 30], with officials reporting a smooth transition and travelers saying they only hit a few snags. Starting at 4 a.m., more than 52,000 drivers were charged to cross the Kennedy, Lincoln, and Lewis and Clark bridges, which connect parts of Louisville and Southern Indiana. . . . Traffic cameras on both sides of the river showed little congestion Friday.”

WAVE reports, “For the record, the first customer to pay to cross the now tolled Kennedy, Lincoln and Lewis and Clark Bridges was a trucker from Maryland. . . . ‘He had an EZ-Pass,’ Ohio River Bridges Project spokeswoman Mindy Peterson said. ‘He’d had it for a while, as part of his job.’” The station adds that the preponderance of motorists being tolled by license plate probably explains why RiverLink’s customer service centers were packed “with last-minute procrastinators” at the end of last week.