Cuomo Promises Tough Toll Enforcement Next Year when MTA Goes Cashless and New Enforcement Law Takes Effect

New York Daily News reports, “Scofflaws won’t be getting a free ride when toll booths come down at MTA bridges and tunnels, Gov. Cuomo said Wednesday [December 22]. Under the ‘open road’ tolling system that’ll be in place next year, cameras will scan every license plate that goes through a crossing and check them against a continuously updated DMV list of cars with suspended registrations due to toll violations. Waiting troopers will get an alarm notifying them when scofflaws pass and pull them over, according to State Police Superintendent George Beach.”

New York Post notes that under Cuomo’s plan “scofflaws will be ticketed immediately. Toll collectors will be reassigned to work with State Police in enforcing the ticketing.”

Times Union reports, “Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday [December 21] that as of January, the state Department of Motor Vehicles will begin suspending the registration of scofflaws who rack up three toll violations over five years. The new regulation comes as State Police step up scofflaw enforcement at the MTA crossings, which are all being transformed to use open road tolling. . . .”