Triangle Expressway Tolls Head Up Along with the Number of Interchanges

WTVD Eyewitness 11 reports, “New year, new prices. A drive down the Triangle Expressway [link added] will soon cost you a little more. Toll rates along that 17-mile stretch of highway are going up on Jan 1. Rates will rise an extra 3.5 percent.” The report adds, “The hike comes as the Department of Transportation adds two interchanges to the roadway.”

An NCDOT news release explains, “A slight increase in the toll rate . . . will take effect Sunday, Jan. 1, as required by the bond covenant created for the funding of the highway. The N.C. Turnpike Authority Board adopted a schedule of annual toll rate increases based on the financing requirements of the Triangle Expressway project, which set a 3.5 percent increase for 2017.”