FDOT’s Boxold Earns Praise for Offering a “Reset” on TBX Project

The Tampa Bay Times editorial board thanks FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold for telling a state senate panel “he wants to ‘hit the reset button’ on TBX, which has drawn fierce local opposition for its reliance on roads and tolls, and for the impact it would have on neighborhoods near downtown Tampa. Boxold’s comments are welcome and the latest sign that the DOT wants a fresh start and a more collaborative approach on a project critical to the region.” The editors add, “While maintaining that TBX is necessary to improve the region’s transportation system, Boxold didn’t flinch from admitting that the state needs to focus more on the impact on nearby low-income and minority neighborhoods. He conceded that DOT has done a poor job of involving residents in the decisionmaking process, and he promised a new spirit of openness moving forward.”