VDOT Signs Contract for I-66 Toll Lanes that Could Allow Trucks — for a Premium

WAMU reports that VDOT officials “signed a contract [on December 8] with a consortium of private road-building firms to build high-speed, EZPass-only toll lanes along 22 miles of I-66 from the Beltway to Gainesville, the latest in a series of steps toward starting the project late next year. The 50-year contract with the private firms, led by Madrid-based Cintra, calls for the construction of two toll lanes in each direction. . . .”

WTOP reports, “The contract includes permission for the company to allow trucks to use the lanes for a higher toll through a provision added in late July. Virginia Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne said . . . the ultimate decision [whether to permit truck use] is now up to the companies involved. . . . Trucks will be required to pay at least three times the toll other drivers are paying at a given time.”