Michigan P3 Legislation Draws Opposition at Hearing Due to Possibility of Tolling

MLive.com reports, “A bill that would expand public-private partnerships is garnering opposition from groups who say it could open the door for toll roads in Michigan. Senate Bill 627 [link added] would let public authorities enter into agreements with private companies to develop certain projects, such as transportation projects. The public authority could collect or let a private partner collect user fees ‘by manual, digital, or electronic means, including by video, transponder, tag, camera, and any other suitable technology or means,’ according to bill language.” The bill was the subject of a Michigan House Commerce and Trade Committee hearing [on December 8,] but the committee did not hold a vote on the measure. Click here and scroll down to the “Testimony” dropdown list to find the testimony of hearing witnesses. SB 627 passed the state Senate by a vote of 28-8 on December 1.