NC Governor-Elect Cooper to Confront Ongoing Issues, Including I-77 Express Lanes

WSOC reports that North Carolina Governor-elect Roy Cooper — now that Governor Pat McCrory has conceded his reelection defeat – will face two tough issues, including opposition to the I-77 Express lanes project. “Cooper will . . . soon face questions from opponents of the state’s 50-year contract with a private company building toll lanes on Interstate 77. Many believe that the issue played a role in McCrory’s defeat, and now toll opponents want to know what the man who beat him can do for them. [Mecklenburg] County Commissioner Jim Puckett, also an outspoken critic of the toll lane contract, said toll opponents will be pressing Cooper for a face-to-face meeting very soon. ‘I expect him to look into the contract in detail and to investigate exactly what he can do as the governor,’ Puckett said.