Ohio River Bridges Official Kerry Stemler Earns Praise and Lumps for Approving, Defending Tolls

News and Tribune (Jeffersonville, IN) features a column profiling Kerry Stemler — trucking and construction company executive; member of the Indiana Finance Authority and the ORB Tolling Body; and co-chair of the bi-state Ohio River Bridges authority. “Stemler not only helped approve tolls. He led their defense. His was the face routinely on the TV news. His were the explanations in the newspapers. Stemler agreed to that role. He took a semi-load of lumps for it.” According to columnist Dale Moss, “Stemler counts on what is lost to tolls being gained, and then some, by job growth and shorter commutes. New bridges breathe new life into the region like nothing else could. However painful, Stemler asks we consider tolls a necessary cost. ‘The idea was to create an economic outcome we’re experiencing today,’ he said.”