Otto the Self-Driving Truck Makes the Rounds in Ohio and One Editorial Writer Hides Under Desk

FOX 8 Cleveland catches up with Otto, the self-driving truck that is being tested in Ohio, among other places, reporting that “Otto has logged thousands of miles and hours on the nation’s highways from here to California, hauling various loads like a beer trailer though Colorado and an Ohio Transportation Department tanker down US Route 33 from the Indiana line to Columbus.” The report adds, “The Ohio Turnpike is a great testing ground.”

The Plain Dealer editorial board in a round-robin discussion tackles the question, “Do you trust self-driving trucks and cars, or should this project be idled?” One writer is “squeamish” and another writes, “At the risk of being branded a troglodyte, let me just say that when the state begins testing its driverless trucks, I plan to be as far away from Ohio 33 as I can get.”