Toronto Grapples with Cost to Fix Gardiner Expressway as Mayor Backs Tolling

Toronto Star reports, “Mayor John Tory won’t support reopening the debate over the Gardiner Expressway even though the cost to fix it has ballooned by $1 billion and there is uncertainty over federal funding.”

CBC News Toronto reports that the mayor’s recently announced tolling proposal is driven in part by a city report “that showed total capital costs for the entire [Gardiner Expressway redevelopment project] have gone from $2.57 billion in September 2015 to $3.637 billion [US$2.702 billion] as of August 2016. The capital costs of redeveloping the [first-phase] 1.7-kilometre section of the eastern Gardiner have climbed from $1 billion to $1.492 billion [US$1.108 billion] over the same time period.”