MA Officials Take Note of NY Crackdown on Toll Scofflaws, Eye Possible Reciprocity Agreement with the Empire State reports, “When it comes to catching toll scofflaws, Massachusetts has few options for making out-of-state drivers pay up. But a move in New York to crack down on scofflaws there has the potential to help Massachusetts.” The article notes, “New York is now placing a hold on vehicle registrations there for those who have failed to pay tolls to the New York State Thruway Authority,” and MassDOT officials see the potential for a reciprocity agreement that would extend the sanction to New York vehicle registrants who fail to pay Massachusetts tolls. MassLive adds that the Bay State has reciprocity agreements with Maine and New Hampshire, but not with Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York — the three outside states with the highest number of Massachusetts Turnpike users. MassDOT reportedly budgets $15 million to $16 million a year for unpaid tolls.