IL Tollway’s Route 390, the State’s Newest Toll Road, is Crushing Traffic and Revenue Estimates

Daily Herald reports, “They might flinch at the 20-cent-per-mile rates, but drivers still are using Route 390, Illinois’ newest toll road. In August, a month after the former Elgin-O’Hare Expressway converted to a tollway between Lake Street and I-290, 4.6 million transactions cha-chinged into the [Illinois Tollway’s] coffers. . . . It’s 25 percent higher than the tollway estimated, and it brought in $2.9 million in tolls.” The tollway’s executive director, Greg Bedalov, tells the newspaper, “Every week more and more people are coming back to 390. . . . The numbers are continuing to grow. As we march east and make it a more valuable part of the system, we anticipate the numbers will be higher.”